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Thursday, July 24, 2014

A Monumental Afternoon

McKinley Monument
Canton, Ohio
Canton, Ohio will be bustling this week as football enthusiasts from all over the country will teem into the city to partake in the myriad activities planned for the 2014 Pro Football Hall of Fame Enshrinement Festival.  While the Pro Football Hall of Fame should not be missed, don’t overlook the The William McKinley Presidential Library and Museum during your stay.
There you will find many interesting artifacts related to the life and times of President William McKinley (the 25th President of the United States) and his family.  I was lucky enough on my visit to be paired with a wonderful docent named Carl Patron, who shared fascinating stories about the McKinley’s as they related to the items on display.
If you are a “Pawn Stars” fan, you may remember a recent episode featuring Ida McKinley’s now famous diamond tiara. The tiara was purchased by Rick Harrison, co-owner of the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas for $43,000.  Mr. Harrison was planning to use the special tiara to raise 
McKinley Monument and Museum
Ida McKinley's Diamond Tiara
money for the National Epilepsy Foundation.  According to Mr. Patron, “Ida McKinley had epilepsy and so does Rick Harrison.”  In order to return the tiara to its rightful home, Rick Harrison agreed to sell the tiara to the museum for the price he paid for it. 
For the star gazers in your group, consider visiting the Hoover-Price Planetarium during your time at the museum.  Although the presentation lacked star quality, the equipment and depiction of the night sky were out of this world.
The exercise enthusiast in your group will enjoy climbing the 108 steps of the McKinley Monument to view the final resting place of President William McKinley.  The impressive monument resides over the city and is a tribute to the President who called Canton, Ohio his home.
McKinley Monument & The William McKinley Presidential Library and Museum
McKinley Monument