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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Travel Jest...The Friendly Skies

By Sharon McKarns

On a recent trip to Orlando, from Phoenix, via Nashville, I sat transfixed (literally) in my seat.  Located near the back of the sold out airplane, I was in the Oreo position.  You know the one, the middle seat.   No available arm rests, no place to lean your head.  Nothing to do but sit up straight with your arms folded for three, or four or even five plus hours.

I had the profound pleasure of listening to the musical stylings of the large hairy gentleman to my left, as he snored an entire concert throughout the flight.  I got the added bonus of being tickled by his arm hairs as he politely utilized both arm rests.

An hour into the flight I was rewarded for good behavior.  In addition to a plastic cup full of soda to satisfy my parched lips, I was given a small bag of peanuts.  The flight attendant also offered me a bag of cookies or cheese nips.  These culinary treasures kept me occupied for at least 15 minutes.  As I sat at attention in my seat I knew it was high time this bird reached her destination.